5 Easy Updo's

Posted on May 18 2016

Hey Baes!
Do you ever have one of those days where you wake up and everything seems to be going wrong? I seem to have those days all the time and the last thing I want to worry about is spending an hour on hair and makeup. I'm going to share with you my 5 easy up-do's which will get you out the door, looking on fleek in 5-10 minutes! Day made!



The Top Knot/Ballerina Bun
- Tie your hair up into a high pony tail and secure with a hair elastic
- Twist you hair then wrap it around the base of the pony to form a bun, then secure with bobby pins
- For a voluminous look, tease your pony tail before you wrap and twist it into a bun. This will give you the look of a full bun, without having to use a hair doughnut.

I love this look because it's so easy to achieve and you can do it a million different ways. Try the voluminous bun, or plait your pony before you wrap it into a bun.



Milk Maid Braids

- Part your hair down the middle, all the way down the back and then plait each section just behind your ears. 
-  Grab each plait and using a bobby pin, pull it across the top of your head and secure it, crossing over the other plait so it looks like your wearing a head band.

This is actually such an easy hairstyle to do. It seems a lot harder than it looks but it really will only take you 5 mins. Pull out some strands at the front for a real romantic look. Pair with big earrings.



Boxer Braids
- Part your hair down the middle all the way to your nape.
- Start a plait by grabbing three small sections of hair near your forehead.
-Slowly plait down towards your nape, picking up strands of hair every time you pull a section underneath the main braid. This is basically a reverse french braid and what creates your beautiful pattern and makes your hair look full.
- You can also do a french braid if you're more confident with that, which is just the opposite of a boxer braid because you pull strands in and over the main braid instead of under.


Check out youtube for tutorials if you would like to see a more detailed visual. I know some of you might be intimidated by these braids but I promise you once you have the hang of it, you will be able to braid each side in 4 minutes flat! This is my favourite hairstyle to do when I have dirty hair as the greasier the hair, the easier it is to braid. Don't be afraid to thread through or clip on some charms and rings once you're confident with this look.




Classic Pony tail
- Tie your hair up at the top of your crown with an elastic
- Separate a strand of hair and wrap it around the base of the pony to cover up the elastic, secure with a bobby pin. 
- Split the pony into 2 sections (bottom and top half). Tease the base of the bottom half then release the top half and smooth it over the  teased hair. This will give your pony that extra height you'll love.

Try different looks with your pony. Try a low pony, sleeked down and parted in the middle for a runway look, or a side part for a retro look.



Pigtail buns
-Part your hair down the middle all the way to your nape and tie each section into a pony to create pigtails.
-Once you have your pigtails even and tied up at your desired height. Twist and wrap each one into a bun.

Just like the ballerina bun there are different variations to this look. Tease the pigtails first for a cute, pom pom look. Or keep them sleek and tight.
Apply your fave bb cream, throw on a coat of mascara & your fave matte lipstick. You're now ready to take on the world and SLAY! Show me your looks on social media babes! Use the hashtags #113babes & #curvesandeyeliner
Love Always,
AKA Curves & Eyeliner 


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