Festival: Hair & Makeup Inspiration

Posted on May 04 2016

Hey girls!

It's festival season! Have you got your tickets ready? Coachella, one of the worlds most popular music festivals was on recently and boy did we hear and see about it on social media. For days our feeds were blown up with super hot celebrities & style queens rocking the latest hair and makeup looks that we cant wait to replicate!
There were definite trends this year, especially with the hair. There were pigtail buns, rainbow hair and braids galore!
Kylie Jenner's amazing rainbow coloured boxer braids at Coachella were everything! Slay Kylie, Slay! Braids are super easy and a comfortable look to rock on a hot day. Not only do they keep your hair out of your face, but there are also a million different ways to wear them. Dutch braids, boxer braids , pigtail braids & more. The best thing about them is that there's a braid for every look, whether it's super kawaii or bad bitch! Here's my tip for rocking braids: put some hair mousse in your hair before braiding. Not only will it help tame fly aways but if you wait until the next morning to let your hair out, you'll be left with gorgeous mermaid waves. Spray some dry shampoo in the roots and you're ready for day 2 of the festival!

If youre feelin that 90's vibe, then stick your hair in some pigtail buns. Not only will you be serving some Gwen Stefani-no doubt, realness, but these buns are super easy & quick to do. They also work well with greasy hair so if you've spent all weekend camping in a tent at a music festival, these are a saviour. 

When it comes to festival makeup, anything goes! Wear whatever you feel comfortable in or seize the opportunity to wear something super crazy! Just remember that you'll be in your makeup all day so make sure your skin can breathe. Use a really good primer that will help your makeup last and so you don't have to use as much.


It seems like all the 90's trends are back in a serious way, including body glitter and face jewels. This look is so cute and my fave! My tip: place them where you usually would your highlighter for maximum sparkle effect!
I love a classic natural wave with a bright lip myself. No matter how you wear your hair and makeup make sure to have fun and be safe!



Jorgie xx



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