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Posted on April 20 2016

Hey Girlies,

It's holiday time! You have your tickets ready, hotels booked & your cutest outfits planned out. Except you still have the least enjoyable part of traveling left to do, the packing.  


As you already have some kind of Idea what to wear, packing your suitcase isn't  going to be too bad, but what does one take with them onboard the flight? What are those must ride items that will make the flight as comfortable as possible? Having just got back from an amazing long weekend away, I have the answers for you! 
I don't know about you but I find there is nothing worse than having to climb over the people next to me to get to the overhead storage compartments whenever you need anything. Thats why my first tip is to invest in a cute, well sized bag that will fit underneath the seat in front of you. You will have everything at arm's reach which means you can relax.  Here's my list of the must ride items that will ensure your holiday will be off to a great start: 
Travel Wallet Here is where you keep all the important stuff! This is my most important item when travelling and never leaves my side.  Here you can store copies of your itinerary, hotel booking confirmations, your passport, boarding pass and anything else you'll need.
Passport & Boarding pass This is a no brainer & you won't get far without it. Even if i'm travelling domestic I always bring my passport with me as I can still use it for ID when checking in my luggage. Store these in your travel wallet.  
Money Try and have a mixture of cash and cards on you. It will make paying for a cab or buying a bottle of water at the airport, much, much easier. 
Eye-mask and Neck Pillow The eye mask will help you catch some ZZZZ and you'll forget your sitting in a plane breathing the same air as 200 other people. If you're not fortunate enough to be in first class, a neck pillow will work wonders at helping you get comfortable when you want to get some sleep. I prefer to carry as little as I can, so unless its long haul flight, I prefer to pack an inflatable neck pillow so I can neatly pack it back in my carry-on when I'm done using it. 
Phone/Tablet & Headphones Sometimes the inflight entertainment just won't cut it. So make sure you load up all the movies, shows and tunes you need on your phone or tablet to help the hours fly by. I also like to pack a set of in ear headphones. I find they block out external noise really well and they also double up as ear plugs when you want to take a nap or just simply zone out. 
Hand Sanitiser Even though planes are kept pretty clean it's still nice to have it around so you can apply some before a meal. 
Eyedrops Aircraft cabins are low humidity environments so they will dry out everything. Including your eyeballs. 
Moisturiser or Facial Hydrating Mist Try and pack a good moisturiser which you can use on your face and hands if you need it… and you probably will. You can also find little travel sized bottles of facial hydrating mist which are like hot towels in a bottle, much refreshing, super hydrate!
A Pen You'll need this for filling in Immigration and custom forms. 
Those are the basics! But if you're in it for the long haul & have an over night flight there are probably a few other items you want to pack in the bag in your over head compartment. Chargers, a spare change of clothes and some snacks will make sure you are as comfortable as possible and you don't get off the plane feeling like you've been through the wars. 


Have I forgotten anything? Tag #curvesandeyeliner and #oneonethree to share your carry on essentials! 
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