How to Take the Perfect Selfie

Posted on April 15 2016

We are living in an Instagram and selfie crazed age! Yet some of us still struggle to get the perfect selfie after a few snaps. Well fear not, I've mastered the trick on how to take the perfect selfie in the first 5 shots. 

1) Perfect lighting: No, you don't have to invest in a diva ring light. Instead, I've got the perfect tips on how to get that flawless selfie. It's important you put that sunlight to good use! If you're out, face directly into or away from the sun and in your indoors stand by a window where natural light is directly streaming in. Either positioning should create the most radiant and goddess selfie. 

*Tips for indoor selfies* place a white sheet of paper directly underneath your chin, it creates a natural bounce of light, which will illuminate your skin and reduce the double chin effect. I live by this trick!

2) Strike a pose: Get to know familiar with your angles and know what works for you! Take a few pictures trying out different angles. Most people look great at a slightly higher angle that is above eye vision, so get practicing. 

3) Pout (or don't) & snap: Whether you're a pout kind of girl or a smizer, do whatever works for you! You are absolutely beautiful, so just have fun with it! 

4) Edit & Filter: Who doesn't love a filter? Personally, I love to use VSCO cam, Afterlife or Picsart for any extra brightening. 

5) Upload & hashtag: If you followed most of these steps, I'm pretty sure the selfie you just took is about to blow someone away. So, go share that beauty around and don't be scared to add a few too many hashtags. Remember the more who see it, the better! 

And that is how you take the perfect selfie! Of course, you don't have to follow all the steps. I sure as hell don't all the time! For example, in this one I took one earlier, I didn't feel like adding a filter...yes believe it or not, that glowy and radiant look came all from the use of a white piece of paper under my chin and some beautiful natural sunlight streaming through my bedroom window.

perfect selfie

Don't forget, if you happen to use any of the tips share them with by using the hashtag #FKx113TaughtMe and tagging @OneOneThree and @FashionKillerBlog_ on instagram!

I want to see all your beautiful selfies, you never know, I may just repost my favourites!

Lots of Love, Lauren Nicole from Fashion Killer xox

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